Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Views.

I am finally starting this blog! Well, it took you long enough Rachael...
Anyways hi, nice to meet you!
I thought a nice way to kick off this blog would be to share a few of the amazing views I have access to here in NYC.
Taken from my friend's room... Isn't it breathtaking? So jealous of her view...
 From one of my classrooms, one of my favorite views so far!
I have yet to be on an NYC rooftop! I REALLY NEED TO GET ON ONE. 

And for those who were wondering...
This is my view... Yay a tree... And I love listening to the kids outside every night playing the saxophone and singing... (Most of them are actually my friends yes... sigh hahaha) And not to mention the sirens outside from the hospital right near my building.
Haha... but seriously I can't complain, because life is good and I absolutely love it here.