Sunday, October 6, 2013

Canal Street Gems

For those of you who are not aware, Canal Street is a place that makes most New Yorkers cringe. 
  Maybe this is why:
1. Pushy shop owners
2. Sketchy street people ("How you doin doll face?")
3. So many knock offs
If you're interested in these shoes, you know where to go now!
My journey to Canal Street this week (and in the past) consisted of all three unpleasant things, but my perception of Canal Street has been changed forever, all because of one magical store. 

My Space & Materiality professor sent us off with the mission to build a mechanical hand, and told us about various places we could go to obtain materials to do so.
I will start from the beginning! 
Here are some pictures from class:

My professor showing us how to use the school sewing machines. 

 I do not yet know how to sew much, but I paid extra special attention to her instructions, so I can become a sewing master. 

After class was over one of my classmates told me that my wire shoe was on display so with glee, I rushed to the 5th floor, did my happy dance in front of the display case, and proceeded to text my mom about the display case awesomeness. I went with my friend and to our surprise, hers was on display too! 
This was like, a major victory for us.

 This one is mine! *glows with happiness and pride*
After exchanging high-fives and heading back to the dorm for a short nap, we headed to Canal.
 Random street art, I will always take pictures of you. Forever.

Behold, the reason why Canal Street is now a wonderful, majestic place for me.

Canal Plastic Center

It's a plastic store!
Yes, a store that sells only plastic. 
Do you not understand why I am so excited about this? 
Probably because you're not an art kid.
But still it's COOL.
 Beautiful plastic sculpture displays welcoming us.

 I want this really bad. I just want it.

 And this. I want ALL the random plastic objects.
Unfortunately this is the only picture I took of the inside, I don't know why...
I will be back at Canal Plastic Center again so I can be happy looking at all the materials and I will probably need more things to create with in the future.
Haha, Eun Byul (the display case friend) and I were seriously so excited to be in a store filled with plastic. 
I went to buy vinyl and success friends! I got it!
I will make a post about what I create with my beautiful vinyl. 

On a side note, here is some shopping I did this week!

 I wanted to buy this because it's a beautiful bag, but unfortunately it was a little bit above my budget and it's pretty impractical in my life.
But this is the bag I did buy!
I know it's not spectacular, but I really needed a black bag and I waited for one that I really liked and it's this one! It was really cheap too!
More high fives all around people! 

With that, I will bring this post to a close.
More... Homework...

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