Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I lied

I revoke my previous claims about Canal Street. Sorry Canal Street ):
Chinatown is awesome, and if you don't think it is, go explore some more! 
It is what it is... Chinese New York! 
I have been going to China town quite frequently with my drawing class! 
And it is absolutely adorable.
The purpose of this post is to share with you all the little charms of Chinatown, so enjoy this series of pictures, and please visit Chinatown when you get to NYC.

I just thought this was funny, haha the official "Chinatown McDonalds"

Paper lanterns fascinate me.

This is my friend at the entrance of the Mahayana Buddhist Temple.

Interior of the official Chinatown Starbucks. It's beautiful on the outside too... I wish I had a good picture.

Everything in Chinatown is so cheap! So I shall be frequenting the Chinatown Bakeries!

Meow Meow

Here is what I made with the materials I got from Canal Plastic Center by the way. 
Our assignment was to build a mechanical hand. 
I know, art school is weird. 
So stressful but so awesome.
This here ladies and gentlemen, is countless hours of work and pain.
But the end result is quite cool, no? 

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