Sunday, October 6, 2013

Friday Night Brooklyn Outing

On Friday night one of my roommates and I headed to Brooklyn to see our beautiful friend Olivia.
We all originate from the same high school.
Of course, we got to enjoy Brooklyn at night.
So charming, so charming.

 I didn't take that many pictures, but I will take more next time.
It was really nice to be out breathing some fresh air after countless hours of homework and classes.
 Olivia cooked me dinner. It was pasta with cheese, bacon and egg.
Perfect Friday dinner! She was worried that it might not taste good and I said,
"Girl, it is impossible to go wrong with pasta, cheese, bacon and egg."
She replied with a thoughtful "True."
We then frantically headed out to the campus "Pie Shop" because Olivia obviously needed ice cream and I forced her to buy me some too. 
Well, she offered and I accepted.
I try to make myself seem more B. A. then I actually am.
Olivia and Ksenia most likely discussing cats.
You know what I am really disappointed in myself for not taking any pictures of the cats.
Olivia's school has an abundance of cats on campus, 
I am extremely jealous of that and her huge upperclassmen dorm. 
Something I can never dream of in Manhattan, 
but I love Manhattan so it's coo.


Wow...what a perfect way to finish.
I'm beautiful.
I am aware that I haven't yet posted a picture of myself on this blog yet.
So... you might think I look this horrific in real life...
And hopefully I don't hahaha
That's because I haven't taken any pictures of myself recently on my fabulous days.
And OBVIOUSLY I have to look good on my blog ;o
This is my official ID photo (Curse you DMV!!!!) copied on to a guest pass.
Olivia's school guest sign in is pretty annoying because it takes really long,
It must be done.

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